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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus 2017- 2018 Exam pattern Download

SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus 2017 Details

Is it accurate to say that you are hunting down the SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus 2017? Here is the perfect place for SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus. The syllabus will give a reasonable thought regarding the points and subjects shrouded in the examination. By alluding the SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus the applicants will get outline about the composed test by that he/she can deal with as far as possible in the examination. By alluding the syllabus the competitors can split the composed exam. Consistently the Staff Section Commission will discharge such a variety of posts in various classifications like that this year additionally the SSC has discharged enrollment notice for the Scientific Assistant post so intrigued competitors can apply before the last date i.e. fourth August 2017. The authorities additionally have discharged the exam dates i.e.20th November 2017 to 27th November 2017. So competitors who are intrigued to get set in SSC can apply before the last date before applying the hopefuls need to check the qualification criteria. The syllabus will give finish data about the exam by that the intenders can compose the composed exam fruitful with no perplexity. By alluding syllabus the hopefuls will get a thought regarding the composed test. Contenders Who will hone the syllabus every now and again that competitors can pick up a decent score in composed test.

Company Name

Designation Status

Scientific Assistant



Application Date


Application Last Date

4th Aug 2017

Job Application


No.of Vacancies

1102 Vacancies

SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus 2017

In this page, we are giving data about the SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus 2017. In planning time alongside the syllabus, the past papers will likewise assume an essential part. By observing the syllabus the applicants will get an unmistakable thought regarding the exam design. The contenders who will allude the syllabus in planning time they can take the composed test effortlessly. The applicants who will get select in composed test for them the meeting will be led by the authorities of SSC. They is a great deal of rivalry for this post so the hopefuls who had connected for SSC they need to get ready well before heading off to the examination.

The determination procedure will be held by the guidelines and controls of SSC. The choice procedure comprises of two adjusts that is composed test and individual meeting. SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus 2017  The competitors who will check the cut off imprints in composed test for them the individual meeting will be led by the authority of SSC.

The exam example of SSC will be led on various subjects in view of the branches. The exam example of SSC will comprise of two papers section 1 and section 2. 

The section 1 comprises of various subjects like General Intelligence and Reasoning Quantitative Aptitude, English dialect and Comprehension, General Awareness. There will be 25 marks for each subject to some extent 1 with a period breaking point of 120 minutes. 

The section 2 comprises of various subjects like Physics, Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering for 100 imprints with a period restrain 120 minutes. The two papers will contain 200 inquiries conveying 200 imprints. There was a 0.25 cut off check for each wrong answer.

 Part 1:

  •     General Intelligence & Reasoning
  •     Quantitative Aptitude
  •     English language & Comprehension
  •     General Awareness

Part 2:

  •     Physics
  •     Computer Science & Information Technology
  •     Electronics
  •     Telecommunication Engineering

SSC Scientific Assistant General Intelligence & Reasoning Syllabus

The Syllabus for General Intelligence would include questions of both verbal and non-verbal type. The test may include questions on subjects are given below

  •     Analogies
  •     Similarities
  •     Space visualization
  •     Problem solving
  •     Analysis
  •     Judgment
  •     Decision making
  •     Visual memory
  •     Discrimination
  •     Observation
  •     Relationship concepts
  •     Arithmetical reasoning

 SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude

  •     whole numbers
  •     decimals fractions and relationships between numbers
  •     Percentage
  •     Ratio & Proportion
  •     Square roots
  •     Averages
  •     Interest
  •     Profit and Loss
  •     Discount
  •     Quadrilaterals
  •     Regular Polygons
  •     Right Prism
  •     Right Circular Cone
  •     Right Circular Cylinder
  •     Sphere
  •     Hemispheres
  •     Rectangular Parallelepiped
  •     Degree and Radian Measures
  •     Standard Identities
  •     Complementary angle
  •     Heights and Distances
  •     Histogram
  •     Frequency polygon
  •     Bar diagram & Pie chart.

SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus for English language & Comprehension

  •     English grammar
  •     Vocabulary
  •     Spellings
  •     Synonyms and Antonyms
  •     Comprehension
  •     Correct and incorrect usage

SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus for general awareness

  •     General physical
  •     Geographical
  •     Topographical
  •     economic and climatic features of India
  •     Current events
  •     Basic topics of mathematics
  •     Chemistry and Physics
  •     History of India, its cultural heritage
  •     freedom movement
  •     The salient feature of the Constitution of India.
  •     Economic and social aspect of the country

SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus for physics

  •      Units and dimensions
  •      SI Units     Newton‟s Laws of Motion
  •      Conservation of linear and angular momentum
  •      projectiles
  •      Rotational motion
  •      moment of inertia
  •      rolling motion
  •      Newton‟s Law of gravitation
  •      Planetary motion
  •      Kepler‟s Laws of Planetary motion
  •      artificial satellites
  •      Fluid motion,
  •      Bernoulli‟s theorem
  •      Surface tension
  •      Viscosity,
  •      Elastic Constants
  •      bending of beams
  •      torsion of cylindrical bodies,
  •      elementary ideas o the special theory of relativity

Syllabus for computer science and information science

  •     Basic Organization
  •     Memory – RAM, ROM, EPROM, etc
  •     Magnetic-Floppy
  •     Hard disks
  •     CDROM
  •     WORM
  •     Concept of Virtual Memory and Cache Memory
  •     Number systems
  •     binary octal
  •     Hexadecimal
  •     Binary Addition
  •     Subtraction and Multiplication
  •     Flotation
  •     point representation and arithmetic
  •     Operating systems

SSC Scientific Assistant Syllabus for Electronics

  •     Conductors
  •     Semiconductors
  •     Insulators
  •     Magnetic
  •     Passive components,
  •     characteristics of Resistors
  •     PN Junction diode
  •     forward and reverse bias characteristics
  •     equivalent circuits of diode
  •     Zener diode and applications,
  •     Clipping
  •     Clamping
  •     rectifier circuits using diodes
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