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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Intel bangalore hiring 2016 passouts for BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech freshers jobs - Apply Online

Intel bangalore hiring 2016 passouts for BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech freshers jobs - Apply Online
Intel Engineer

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BE | B.Tech | M.Tech | ME

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BE | B.Tech | M.Tech | ME

Past Regularly with 60% from X | Xii & In Over All Education
 With No-Arrears

Well Subject knowledge on Executive & Retention

Good-in Communication skills English

The interplay with providers of internal and foreign tools

Development and / or implementation of the flows and methodologies the prior art for design and the validation RTL

Working in partnership to explore, drive and a proliferation of new methodologies in design and validation RTL

As a design engineer at components DTSwill have to work as part of multidisciplinary team gets software tools which meet specific conditions, rapidly evolving for the design and validating Intel silicon products. We worked closely with designers to chips (our internal clients) worldwide to understand their technical challenges for and create patented CAD solutions.

Will help us implement our software to address critical questions and to address their to design and manufacture goals. DTS the daily work in the full life cycle of the software runs from early research to ripen the production code with the robustness and industrial quality. To deliver new critical roles in our commercial solutions, or create new CAD capabilities beyond state of the art industry, our teams frequently pass through all stages of of software development - problem analysis requirement definitiondesign , coding, testing and deployment. A member of our team, are expected to actively participate in all these steps. Success with this fast paced environment, results-oriented requires strong analytical and capacity to construct the productive teamwork, which dependent on very good communication skills.

Designing and IT Solutions (DTS) creates the software that caters to insatiable appetite for order to innovate Intel of silicon technology. Throughout our CAD solution and engineering services that allow process engineers to Intel to achieve technical advances necessary to deliver the technology of tomorrow, and help us Intel architect of and of chip designers to develop products which they change the world. For us, Moore's Law is the imperative which drives our work - the continuous improvement of the ways in to explore the technological alternatives, so we can deliver better products, faster.

Performance of tasks of execution and / or debugging involving hardware and / or software designer, participate in programs design / development / maintenance / support, traininglead and contributing to engineering documentation

In this position you will work with existing team and development Toolbar support, currents and methodologies for designing and the validation RTL. You will be playing a pivotal role in interactions with Intelthe major projects of worldwide. Responsibilities include, but is not limited to:

Interview Process


Group Discussion

Thinking & Logical

(OR) Reasoning Skill's

Technical Round

H R Round

Desire Choice User profile 

The candidate must have-more-than 60% in the overall Education

The candidate must be able to work with the inconvenience

The candidate should-have the responsibility & analysis with members of his team

The candidate must-have the 'leadership skills' to maintain quality.